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Double Standard?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wow.. I have a major rant.... so I'm watching this show, Night At The Apollo.. where TALENT is supposed to be discovered.. and let me just say, HOW MUCH IT PISSES ME OFF.. what I'm seeing....

so this show is known for being majority (if not all) a black audience.. where amateurs of all sorts perform for them... all sorts of races, that is... and the audience can either choose to cheer them on or boo them off that stage.. and if they're booed off the stage, they don't get to continue their performance..

so what pisses me off.... The first two performers? Black. Performance quality? Mediocre (really)... Audience Response: Cheer them on.

Next Performer? Asian. Performance quality? Sounded pretty good to begin with.. the first 10 SECONDS... Audience Response? BOOs him off the stage before anyone can really hear what's going on........ UGH.

So if that weren't enough to piss me off...

After that guy... next performer? White. Performance quality? Interesting bordering on mediocre .. but again.. I really couldn't tell.. because... Audience Response: Boo them off almost instantly after they began. And why didn't they boo these guys off as quickly as the Asian?... I think it's because Whoopie Goldberg (sp?) herself reminded them after the Asian guy that these people were at the Apollo for a reason and that they should AT LEAST give the performer enough time to demonstrate what they can do.

Final performer: Black boy band. Performance quality? Pretty good. Audience Response: Tonnsssss of cheering.

So really.. what am I getting at here..... it just pisses me off... because I hate to judge this crowd harshly, but this show just goes to show how much of a hype is made over the "predjudicism" (word?) of white people (or anyone versus blacks?), but very hardly do you ever hear about the prejudicism when it happens in a reverse order. Granted, it's fair to say that's a result of our Country's history, but I feel like this is a NEW GENERATION that has come A LONG WAY since the beginning of our nation.. not to use it as the only example, but seeing that we have a very legitimate Black candidate this year who has a great deal of support in his campaign to become the president of the United States... I do think that says something.

Anyway. I just think that if this were American Idol or something .. where the audience could boo off whoever they wanted.. and if the majority of the audience were White ... and they showed a trend for Booing off all other races except for those who were White, without even HEARING the others... I think it would be an outrage to people and Civil Rights Groups throughout the Country(similar to, if not more, than this whole Paris Hilton-frenzy.) It just bothers me that a show like The Apollo can be on t.v., and be acceptable without ever hearing about it on the news.

Well.. that's all.. I just had to get that out... now I'm back to packing up everything in my room...