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Thursday, May 31, 2007

In the spirit of moving on, a friend of mine suggested I go to FindYourSpot.Com and I'm pretty sure I'm only going to become more obsessed with it as I investigate the "top 24" it spit out for me based upon good questions.

This is the perfect site! Exactly what I've been looking for. And so anyway, to update this journal here... it does look like I will be moving out of California soon. I am so fed up with the attitude people have around here that I don't think I'll miss it, but I do know I will definitely miss the beautiful weather (although sometimes I wish it did rain a little more). I've spent a good four years in Cali... ready to go somewhere new. Here are some places the site recommends (good to see Denver on the list I suppose):

1. Knoxville, Tennessee
2. Charleston, South Carolina
3. Little Rock, Arkansas
4. Jacksonville, Florida
5. Greenville, South Carolina
6. Carlisle, Pennsylvania
7. Albuquerque, New Mexico
8. Chattanooga, Tennessee
9. Nashville, Tennessee
10. Augusta, Georgia
11. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
12. Providence, Rhode Island
13. Clarksville, Tennessee
14. Tulsa, Oklahoma
15. Johsnon City-Kingsport, Tennessee
16. Denver, Colorado
17. Orlando, Florida
18. Long Island, New York
19. Hartford, Connecticut
20. New Haven, Connecticut
21. Fayetteville, Arkansas
22. Hattiesburg, Mississippi
23. Portland, Oregon
24. Memphis, Tennessee