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thinking about over thinking?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

So I just finished reading an e-mail that a friend sent me (and I hope he doesn't mind me reflecting on it here).. but he suggested that I "think too much. There are no bad decisions in life..all outcomes are based on what you do after you make the decision."

And I've got to say, I do agree with him.. I do think too much, to a fault, sometimes. Actually, a lot of times. I think this can cause problems (mostly delaying action..), but I know that I value it, at the same time, which means I don't put a lot of focus into working on it. The thing is... I just *care* .. about everything.. the decisions I make.. the possible outcomes as a result of my actions.. etc. I'm a strong believer in the ripple effect, and I want to make sure that every "ripple" I'm making in this world was made with intention on my behalf. I think decisions *can* be made prematurely and that they *can* be made with lack of better judgment. This brings me to something that I *know* I can work on: holding my friends and family to a realistic standard. I put a lot of faith in my own ability to make good decisions, and sometimes that carries over into what I expect others to do as well. However.. not everyone operates like that.. which brings me back to my point in the last post... that people will make calls that I feel go against what should be their better judgment..and I need to be more flexible in letting it go or at least letting that person know about what is bothering me, rather than internally complaining to myself about it. .. so yeah.. back to what he was saying.. I know that outcomes are definitely shaped in regard to the specific actions you take *after* making a decision... but I also think, leading up to the point of even making a decision, a little foresight is good to even allow potential outcomes you would hope for. I know you can't control the future, but I do think people can take control over their lives... especially when it comes to making good/bad decisions.... and it's only once a decision is made that you'll know if it was good/bad, and from *there* out can take specific action to shape the outcome. the end. :)