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Last Minute Rondezvous

Friday, April 13, 2007

Tonight was really great, despite there being a crappy beginning to the day. My mother arrived in Cali this morning to come visit meee! Really nice because I haven't been home since Christmas and I start to feel lonely when I can't see my mom after a while because I'm pretty close to her. Anyway. The plan was to see Jay Leno, and we were only *third* on the wait-list, but they turned us away at the last minute because they had reached "maximum capacity"! Ugh. It sucked because my mom barely missed the cut for getting an actual ticket in the morning. :/ I was upset because we had been standing out in the freezing cold and I was certain that they were going to let us in after two-hours on standby, but nooooo.

Anyway. I decided that wasn't going to ruin our night. After battling LA rush-hour to get home, I found this random Jazz Restaurant online and decided we should go. That's the beautiful thing about LA.. pretty much anything you want to do is at your fingertips, and fortunately we were able to find something totally cool to do at the last minute. Good food and AMAZINGGG music! I later discovered that it was voted among the "top 100 Jazz Resaurants in the Country." Apparently the musician we saw tonight was the son of a former Jazz King.. and he was pretty good.. along with other talented musicians/pianists who happened to be having dinner at the restaurant and were called up to play. It was totally rockin' and I loved it!!! I really need to go to these sort of things more often in the area. It's crazy that there are all of these random things to discover in the area, but I never take the time to really go. heh. I guess it's also because I'd need someone equally spontaneous/fun to do these things with..who doesn't mind splurging every now and now...and sometimes doing that is just too much of a hassle. People say they want to go but never really follow-up on the ideas, so obviously they don't want to go too bad. I'm a planner..I've decided... despite being spontaneous... I have to plan things and stick to it if I do plan it.. and at the same time... I'm very tight with my time when other people are trying to plan things... I tend to keep it in the air until the last minute... so yeah.. who am I to talk...

anyway. Tangent there... but it was a really good evening and had a blast!! What a cool place! I know, I'm not even naming it (there are reasons), but oh well.. just wanted to document the experience here. :)