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so here's the thing...

Monday, March 19, 2007

I really just don't know that I'm being completely honest/accurate in this current blog. I really need a separate space where I can feel comfortable about writing anything, and that is going to require that I know my audience. My audience won't inhibit what I choose to write about, but it will allow me to have some control over who is reading.. and also be fair to other people's privacy (who will remain anonymous in the new blog) who might not want my thoughts/interactions about and with them posted for just-anyone to read. I know that I would be seriously upset if some random person was posting about me in a public blog just because I am big on the privacy thing.

Generally I don't give a crap who reads what I write (hence why this blog has lasted for so long), but I would like to be a little more specific about current things in life, rather than the vague stream-of-conscious writing that I have going on here which is often rushed and not well thought out. I definitely plan to keep posting in this blog, even the stream-of-conscious stuff which is still very personal.. but I'm going to keep this one for more fun/general things versus the fun/general/heart-wrenching(<--haha I don't know about that) info in the other blog. I welcome any readers of the new blog I will be creating to contact me at for an invite. I won't feel like you're a stalker or anything if you'd like an invite, haha, it will just let me be completely aware of my audience.. which I think is fair for me to know. Otherwise the blog will be private and inaccesible online.