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speaking of good fortune...

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I don't think I ever mentioned in this blog that I recently inherited, from another family that I work for, a ton of be-auuuu-ti-ful china.. gold-plated-Peru-china. Haha... my jaw just about dropped when the woman told me to take it. Where I'm living I have my room and then a separate dining/lounging area with cabinets meant to hold something like china..and wouldn't ya know I was just thinking in previous days that I should invest in plates, bowls, etc. But at my age and time in life it felt silly. Well. It pretty much fell into my lap anyway.

This is what I'm talking about. Things like this are always happening to me in life. Yeah there are sucky things too, but I can't help but be SO grateful for all of the good things in my life that far outweigh the bad. I have good friends...sometimes they can *really* piss me off (haha, cause I have REALLY high expectations I guess)...but the fact that I have so many good friends that I can depend on, and they make me happy, it's just really a huge blessing in life.

I have a good family who loves and cares for me back home.

The only thing really "lacking" in life right now is a true significant other I guess, but I don't want to add that to the equation until it really is a good time. It'll only be a "good time" when I'm jiving well with that person AND they can step up to the relationship-plate. I think a big perspective I take with guys is "who wants it more?" .. and whoever wants it more usually gets it. I hate to use "it".. but I guess I'm just trying to say that it comes down to effort with me: who's going to take the time to communicate with me, have the balls to be honest with me, and show me the respect that I'm looking for?.. once they can demonstrate these things, and there is chemistry, they can be sure I'm going to give it back 10-fold. Just as I value my friends, I'd value my significant other *that* much more..hence why I'm picky..cause I do have a lot to offer the right person (and the "right person" has a lot to offer me if there's the effort + chemistry that I'm looking for). And I'm lucky to have guys around me still, without the significant other, who I know really care for me. Why the heck would I add a significant other to the equation when I already have such wonderful friends/guy friends/family around me to make me happy? Well..obviously a significant other would still be very nice...but only with the right person. For better or worse I usually know in my gut who that "right person" is, and it's difficult to go out on dates with the people who *do* want it more ("it" being things like dates/my time) when I already know who and where I *should* be spending my time with..but if that person can't stepup, I'll stay away and be content with testing the waters until I find the person who I have chemistry with *and* is willing to stepup in the areas I'm looking for. Call it my own stubborness, but if they're going to get my loyalty beyond what I already give in friendship..they're going to have to show me they're serious about it.

Ahhh this post steered right into a guy-post. dangit. ohh well.

Listening to Debussy's Claire de Lune... how amazing is this song?? mmm Debussy.