Sullen v.5




Thursday, February 15, 2007

just randomly heard this song because I'm really loving Landon Pigg's music lately (an artist who is fairly unknown right now, but I think he's amazing..) and am trying to find *all* of his music.

This must be from his older material... because his new material is not Christian-based at all, but I was really pleased to come along this tonight.. really touched me and I can relate to it in regard to where I'm at in life right now...

Drowning Child

I get so tired
I'm trying so hard to survive
I find it hard to stay alive
and I get so tired

Weary I'll tread
reasonless waters of my sin
I'm slowly drowning from within
and I cry out
yes I cry out

I am desperate, Father hear me, I want to know you, please be near me, Lord have mercy
on a drowning child
I'll surrender if you'll revive me
I'll perservere if you're beside me
Lord have mercy on a drowning child

When I cry out
you never fail to answer me
and I give you praise on bended knee
you're so worthy
you're so worthy