Sullen v.5




Friday, February 16, 2007

I haven't had internet for the longest time. Finally, I do.

This is resulting in catching up on a lot of music I haven't been able to listen to through my online music service.

Here are some songs that I'm really feeling right now...

Switchfoot - Yesterdays; "I remember you like yesterday... yesterday.."

America - Ventura Highway; "wishing on a star, waiting for the early train.."

Landon Pigg - Great Companion; "so I love and so I hate-so this is the end of an innocent era"

Landon Pigg - Keep Looking Up; "so shall I be forever-and even if you run away, put on all your dark clothes, hide in shadows-just remember one thing--keep looking up"
"when you reach up and clear away the stars, I will be there where you are"

Landon Pigg - Sailed On; "only the moon and the stars in the sky did know.."

That's all for now... love that Pigg. hehe.