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God is faithful!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

so let me say it again... God-Is-Faithful!

I really feel incredibly blessed at this moment..right now..after crunching several numbers, paying all my bills, and coming out very much *on top*. Thank you God!! It's kind of odd to be thanking God about money, I guess, since ultimately it is 'material' and should be given back in some way/form (which I really do believe that when you give you receive 10-fold back... I mean just look at Oprah, haha, oh and being a bit business-savvy helps too :) ) ... but man... instead of living in fear about quitting my job, I did a complete turn-about with faith in God and now have life SO-MUCH-BETTER-NOW.

I relax... ALL the time. I work maybe 23 hrs. MAX in a week -- leaving me with plenty of freetime to do serious soul searching about what I'm going to do in the upcoming future. I'm making just slightly under what I was making with my old job when I had to work AT LEAST 50 hrs. a week. This is *exactly* what I needed at this point in my life. I am just in complete awe with my good fortune right now. I'm doing things I love -- REALLY feeling like I'm making an impact with people during the time that I *am* working. When I'm working the time goes by so fast. And I'm not even capitalizing in on the potential that there is for income right now..I've just been easing into it, but next month should take off when I have a better system in place. I'm learning so much more about my skills, what it takes to run a business on my own, and a lot of "street smarts." I am LOVING the street-smarts aspect because I am known for being much more book smarts. As a personal assistant I am learning about general things that are important but I've never taken the time for because I'm always in a rush--such as what grocery stores are available, what type of foods can be found in them, where are they found, what type of deals to look for.... haha... it's so silly... but I feel like it's helping me grow up and prepare for having a family of my own someday. I haven't quite eased into the cooking-role as much as I'd like still, but assisting with the shopping is really opening my eyes as to what there is to even cook. :P

I mean, this isn't to say I'm just a bouncing ball of joy on a daily fact I'm quite sad sometimes because I have so much time to think and whatnot.. but it's REALLY a good time to rest and get in tune with where-the-heck-am-I-going-in-life-time. I've never really had time to just REST in my life. It's nice to breathe, and I feel like my body is catching up on years-worth of lost sleep.