Sullen v.5




Sunday, February 18, 2007

ah..and the bouts of tears... realizing how badly I've royally messed this one up in my own way. And praying to God that if I'm ever given another opportunity, that I don't @!#$ it up quite like I have over these past years... despite everything that has been good.. there has been a lot of underlying pain. In some ways I'm angry, because it takes two to tango.. and in other ways I'm extremely guilty, just for bothering to dance at all. But then I don't believe not dancing really was the solution to this problem. . I guess you just really can't predict when it's going to end, or how it's going to happen. . and you just enjoy it while you can.

crazy weird metaphor there. but whatever. I'm probably delusional from no sleep and emotional wackiness right now.