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Not My Style

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It was good to see a friend tonight, who has been very honest with me in the past and expressed his true feelings for me..but unfortunately things didn't workout because I just don't feel the same. It took me some distance and time, but I am glad we are back to talking and hanging out. If there is one thing I am *not* about, it is burning bridges.. I very much value the friendships I invest my time into, and I very much want my friendships to last indefinitely.. with the realization that throughout time any friendship will face difficult situations. I have always said that if there is any reason a friendship doesn't workout for is because the other person is not making the effort. I know that appears to take a lot of the responsibility off of me, but I feel that I really do reach out to my friends so much that if things don't workout.. it is because they are avoiding my invitations or don't want to make the time. . or they don't take time to make time. . which is equally important.
Anyway. Tangent. I was just thinking tonight, while hanging out with him, how nice it was that he has been honest with me in the past and how much more comfortable I felt with him as a result -- how much more I respected him. It really just makes the world of difference for me, which is why I think I cannot stepup and make the first move of sincerity with anyone I really *am* interested in. The movie, "A Lot Like Love" ... is so great... and really spells things out for how things are like with me. I really enjoy the scene when he asks "what was strike 1?" and she tells him that it was her having to make the first move. Such an appropriate first strike. . really. I know it's really traditional, and I know that guys actually think it's kind of sexy (in some cases) when a girl makes the first move, but really it's just not my style I guess.. at least not for anything that I would hope to last.