Sullen v.5




Monday, January 22, 2007

I've been really holding on to these two scriptures they're really applicable to everything that's going on:

Heb. 11:1 - Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

James 2:22 - You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did.

every day, lately, it seems amazing opportunities are opening up for me.. opportunities that are literally perfect in every way I could imagine and hope for. So perfect that I feel like I am dreaming and am going to wakeup at any moment to watch it all vanish before me. What I'm getting at is....none of this could have been foreseen a month ago.. and I could not even predict that such perfect conditions would workout for me... and I knew that in my heart, and my gut, and after much prayer, that I needed to quit my job... and yet when it came down to the final days... I really didn't want to quit out of fear. I really did not have faith that God was leading me on the path that he has always promised me... but that for him to really move me along on this path wasn't going to come without some major faith and courage to stand behind what I believe to be right. What happened: I negotiated with the company I was quitting with to stay longer past the date I had anticipated to quit by.... and two days before that date arrived... I told the company that I was sorry, but that I was going to have to stick to my original plan and resign. Why the change of heart? I realized that God *really* wanted to move me in another direction, in a direction I could not yet foresee, but that there was no way he could possibly do that without me allowing him to do-so. I also remembered that throughout all of the years I have been called to make scary/courageous/sometimes spontaneous decisions..and yet knew God was behind those callings..they have *always*.. *always*.. worked out extremely positive in the ways they shaped my life.
And so I quit. Without a plan. With loans to pay. With bills to pay. With high rent to pay.
And now, one month later, I am looking at new opportunities that are literally *exactly* what I want to do with dream-amount of compensation. And, the funny thing is, these new opportunities would not possibly be available to me *now* without the previous 9 months I went through with my last job that I really disliked. I am also moving, again, and although I am not thrilled about moving... I will be moving into a huge mansion-like house, with my own wing, and yeah... again.. pretty much a dream. Oh yeah, rent is free (not *exactly* *free*.. but pretty much paid for as a result of helping with errands on a flexible schedule). I am feeling very blessed right now. I mean, honestly, everything is falling into place.. yes I'm being proactive about everythign too, but as James 2:22 really attests to--when faith and actions are working together--faith is made *complete*. Wow. What truth that is!

So aside from all that... something else kind of new-random-don't-know-where-it's-going-but-kind-of-excited... I met this guy recently.. it could be nothing, but as I have said before in this journal, I don't give my # out to just-anyone when I'm out.. but those I *do* choose to give my #, well I'm fortunate to have what I call a 100% closing on the deal (they *will* call me).. haha.. anyway.. I know that's haughty, but I recently gave my # to a guy I met on a girls-night-out.. met fairly randomly as we were headed out of a place.. he was headed in.. stopped me and asked why we were leaving.. he and a friend convinced my entire group to go to another place that was more happenin' (impressed that he was able to do that..with my encouragement of course :P .. something told me I had to get to know this guy better for some reason) we're walking for-e-ver to this place.. him and I really hit it off chatting.. great vibe.. anywayyy.. make a long story short, he called me two days later... I let it go straight to voicemail, he left a cute message.. (my friend said she thought it was funny that he said "give me a chance"..because it was like "he already knows you.."--I'm obviously not known for giving chances).. I called him back.. and now we're set to possibly meet soon (double-date w/ me bringing along a friend..haha..oh what my friends do for me)... anyway... I just have a weird feeling about it.. like I really want to see him again.. and that's not typical for me. We'll see what happens. :)