Sullen v.5



Today I turned down a date to the opera.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I don't normally quote myself.. because it's just weird?... but my friends keep a quote book and oddly enough (or I think it's odd) half the quotes they write in there are from things I have said alone. It may not quite come across in this journal, but I am a very goofy person in general, and I will say some pretty crazy things.

Case in point (what I found written in the book today):

"He invited me to the freaking opera." - me on the phone talking w/ one of them
"..yeah.. I had to make up some crazy excuse: ...'I spent a year in Italy.. I'm kind of burntout from the opera......' "

What the hell? Did I really say that? Oh wait. Yes I did. I am lame. That just looks straightup snooty of me.

Truth is, I'm just burntout in general.

Have I forgot to mention that I put in my quit notice the other day? .. a month in advance.