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Sunday, December 10, 2006

I just found this in a random file, who knows how long ago I saved it? .. but I realize why I did. It's so true and applicable to how my own thought process works.

"Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm wasting my goodness on people who don't deserve it or maybe I'm choosing the wrong people to love. But even that boils down to a very selfish mentality that it's up to me to pick and choose who's worthy of my time and effort and everyone else is just going to have to fend for themselves. That defeats the whole purpose of unconditional love, you can't claim to be benevolent and withhold goodness from people who don't deserve it just because they've hurt you in the past."
- Sarah Hatter
--> "Nothing Comes from Nothing, Nothing Ever Could."

A very good post to read in general.