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Pet Peeve!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

As I do at least three times per year, I was making the solo seven hour drive from AZ to CA last night ... coming back from Christmas at home (Christmas was pretty good btw--I think it's fair to say that the actual day was far better than the days leading up to it, which were terrible--another post, another time, perhaps).

And one random thing I would just like to say.. as an observation.. and a hope that someone with this problem might read this and fix their wrong ways.....

I have absolutely no respect for selfish drivers who stay in the left hand lane when they should very obviously be in the slower right hand lane because there are people behind them who want to go faster. Yes, they may be going the speed limit, but that does not make it their right to stay in the fast lane if people behind them want to go over the speed limit! That's probably one of my number one pet peeves. . people who dictate how fast the rest of traffic should go by their erred ways of driving. And why are these people's ways most especially erred??... because once you can FINALLY get past them... by going around them in slower lanes (totally dangerous and not good to do)... you realize that the highways are a much brighter place.. less traffic around you... the whole freeway to yourself... .. and then you look behind you in the mirror, to shake your head at the fool in the fast lane.. and see about 100 different lights all bottlenecked up behind that one car.. and because they're not willing to go around the fool, through weaving in and out of slower lanes.. they have to suffer with being surrounded by a million other cars and constantly on edge.

the end. Please do not bottleneck traffic by staying in the fast lane when you should get in the slower lane.. or I (and probably 100 other cars) will be very bitter at you.