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Old Flames

Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm trying to find new/brilliant music these days, but in an effort to do that, it seems I keep coming back to old favorites and relistening (?) to their songs instead.

On that note...

I realized, yet *again*, how brilliant Fiona Apple is. I really get where she's coming from with her lyrics, and the fact that she is brilliant on the piano is definitely a bonus. Two people who definitely influence my aspirations in my own piano/song-writing-efforts: Fiona Apple and Vanessa Carlton.

Especially feeling the below song atm:

So darlin' I just wanna say
Just in case I don't come through,
I was on to every play
I just wanted you
But, oh, it's so evil, my love, the way you've
no reverence to my concern
So I'll be sure to stay weary of you, love,
to save the pain of
Once my flame and twice my burn

- Shadowboxer