Sullen v.5



and yet, a part of me will always love the playa

Thursday, December 21, 2006

"I'm gonna have to take you out of my phone as 'hottie' if you don't call me at least once a month." - DerB

"oh did you use that line on the Carl's Junior girl too?" - me

"no.. there are no other hotties stored in my phone.. you're the number one hottie." - DerB

haha see the playas, they are the smooth talkers.. the sweet talkers... the entertainers... the make-me-laughs.... there may be a little sincerity, but seriously? Right after he got done telling me about a hot Carl's Junior girl he insists I call him more and that there are 'no other hotties'. oh DerB, we go way back, and you will always be my 1st love. The 1st playa I ever did fall for. I am glad we are still friends that did not end in bitterness.