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step outside

Thursday, September 21, 2006

There has always been something about the night that is very appealing to me. My family and close friends all know that it doesn't make much sense for me to try and sleep before midnight because it just doesn't happen -- maybe five time a year it happens -- no joke. I have managed to cut back my bed time from an unreasonable 3 am to a more reasonable 2 am. One fortunate thing about my current job is that it allows for this irradic sleep pattern while still allowing me to receive 6-8 hours of sleep (typically). I used to be fine with 5 hours of sleep, but as I've grown older, and less ambitious (or maybe it's a result of less homework), I now need no less than 7-8 hrs. to feel happy and vibrant the next day.

Anyway. That all said. . I particularly love the night for the alone-time it allows me, with complete silence. Sometimes it freaks me out and I question myself, "why do you do this to yourself??" I'll sit quietly for a good 10 minutes as I try to figure out what that strange tapping sound against the window is, and which window it is coming from. . and then I'll go investigate it for a good 10 minutes . . until I get scared and decide it's time to go to bed, and I'll be sure to prop the tin trashcan up against my closed door, with a picture frame balanced on it, so in the off-chance that the-strange-noise breaks in and decides to wander up to my bedroom that doesn't have a locked door. . well. . at least I will awake from the commotion and do something about it. . otherwise there is no point staying up and stressing about it (last night) .. (and yes, see, I am a bit crazy, I very much admit that.)

That all said, again, I really do like the night, and I am not being sarcastic.

Most recently I have come to find something a little bit more intriguing about the night, as a result of the loss of my internet. For reasons far too complicated to explain, I will just summarize by saying that I must continue to steal internet for a lack of any other option at this point. Unfortunately the neighborhood sources have founda a way to cut me off, and this now results in me seeking out alternative-sources. . such as 1) staying at work . . 2) going to my closest-friend-neighbor . . 3) driving around my neighborhood until I find a source that hasn't cut me off, yet .. or 4) drive to the local coffee shop, who advertises free Wi-Fi internet, and pickup their signal. However.. bearing in mind that I am a night-owl.. options 1-3 have been ruled out for one reason or another, and I am left with option 4... which I have now established as a somewhat-nightly-routine ... THAT all said. . I am learning some very interesting things about the nightlife of the plaza in which the coffee shop is located. . such as . . this seems to be a very happening lot at night for business. . big truckers coming and going . . people cleaning the parking lot. . the local group of kids that always meets in a certain corner at night to exchange laughs (and other things?). . the constant influx of random cars and people going in and out of a certain play-facility (really, like jungle gyms). . and this is all happening at, oh, I don't know, 1 am?? Who goes to an f-ing jungle gym at 1 am??? or better, what type of freak sits in their f-ing car, on their laptop, doing ___??(probably what they're asking) ... and when I was at work, 11 pm, I discovered that we have a cleaning lady who comes in with her two kids (one who helps her, the other is just a baby with a a bad cough), and it was a very humbling experience to realize that while I'm complaining about having to work overtime (11 pm was my choice only for the internet), there are other people working their asses off at night, with their children, just to make it by.... the things you learn by just stepping out of your private little world and observing at a different time, a different place... incredible.