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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I discovered that my center ranked #1 in overall performance #s last week, in the entire Nation (and that my center has been consecutively in the top five throughout the past weeks).

.... beat *that* bitches!

haha.. ok. . really, I cannot be too arrogant about this. . . ... but seriously???? SERIOUSLY???? My center was like, bottom on the totom poll, and now regional managers on the east coast are calling my region manager to see what the heck is going on. And today the regional director (monitors allll of California's different centers) visited my center, and announced that we are her "favorite center." Absolutely unheard of before I stepped in. This is amazing. I am absolutely floored with the type of performance I've been able to achieve in this organization, and as my first serious job. I've always known that my calling in life is to do something huge.. something that makes a large and significant impact... and although I don't think this is quite it... I definitely feel like it is putting me on the right track in many ways. I imagine what I could do if my heart were *really* behind what I'm doing right now. What I'm doing right now is just kind of faking my interest in many ways... but wow.. what a difference it would be if I really had a passion about what I was doing..

It is time for a PAY RAISE. I am being robbed-robbed-and more robbed (see, if I really enjoyed what I was doing, I probably wouldn't even be thinking about this.. even though what I am doing is quite meaningful and making an impact in children and families' lives.. but it's hard to explain why I'm not exactly behind it all still).

The glory with being #1 somehow makes being robbed feel a little better, but I want to be really careful to not get arrogant about this. It's a little difficult thought when everyone in the region is calling and congratulating you, asking you "how does it feels to be #1? What are you doing over there?" Today, August 8th, was my 3-month anniversary. What a good position to be in after 3 months. Now that I'm leading the Country in my center performance.. I am really eager to keep it that way.. but I can't say the impact I made didn't come with some cost to my own health. I was feeling very sick after our huge burst of success, and I continue to have not fully recovered... trying to rest what I can...

I've often thought after a long hard day of work that this job could kill someone who is too ambitious for their own good sometimes. . i.e. me.