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Natural Selection

Thursday, May 04, 2006

1 resume, 1 cover letter, 1 academic skills test, 2 official transcripts, 1 group interview, 1 phone interview, 1 interview with the region manager, and 1 shadow-day with a center director.......... and I have FINALLY been offered a job. Granted I was applying for an assistant director position and instead was notified in the end that they were offering me a director position (which is apparently similar to assistant director) -- I am still unsure how I feel about that.

It's weird how I almost feel a little upset with this company due to how much I've had to go through to get this job. I knew after the 1st group interview that I was going to be hired. heh. It sounds really arrogant, and maybe in all honesty it is... or maybe it's just that I'm really competent and know when I'm in a very qualified position to get the job I want. They told me that 2% would eventually be selected, and it didn't phase me at all. There were times when I felt a little unsure about how well I answered some of their questions, but there was no doubt in my mind that I had ever answered a question to a lesser degree than anyone else could have. I just may have wished I had answered a question more thoroughly in hindsight.

Anyway. I will start training this Monday if I can receive my official final transcript certifying that I have received my degree. I am very unsure about the position. I already KNOW that it is going to be extremely-extremely demanding and I received more perspective on that upon shadow day. Apparently the day I shadowed was a "slow day," heh, and I am really nervous to know what a regular or fast day looks like. Due to keeping things somewhat anonymous in this journal I won't say exactly what it is, but it does have to do with the education industry. I'm a little upset because in all honestly I am ending up in this job due to last-minute planning.

Graduation was approaching and I decided with 2 weeks to go that I would attempt to stay in the California/Calabasas area. I went to a job fair on campus, randomly, and this company apparently thought I would be a good fit with them. It does look like it will offer me exactly what I was hoping for: extensive training in management and operations, a "fair" compensation (several people would call me lucky as a college graduate), and all benefits covered upon the first day of starting work.

Anyway. sigh. I don't know why I have such big reservations about it... I just do.

Wow I feel pretty ungrateful. They were like "you should be really proud because we are extremely selective.." and offered me a different position that apparently "exceptional candidates" receive .... heh.... but I don't know. I'm a little nervous. They also mentioned that the first three months would be the most difficult and that I should prepare my mindframe for that, but I feel like I've been trying to prepare myself for a long time and it's not really working. I think about a 46-55 hour workweek (what they say will be typical), and although I'm known to be diligent and a hardworker.. and able to handle those sort of hours... it's just like my entire lifeplan that I've always envisioned is *already* beginning to fall into place, and the lifeplan I envisioned wasn't one that I thought I would be happy in, yet one that would still come naturally to me.