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speaking of which...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I was scanning down the titles of posts, and found this saved as a "draft" (uncharacteristic for me to save anything as a draft because I don't believe in coming back.. and normally I never do)..... I think I started writing it a while ago on a whim and just forgot about it.....

here it is, in all its glory as a rough form. i don't think it has a title. . something i just went with as it came to me.

is this so wrong

because that's what i do
upon realizing my actions are becoming so careless..
abandoning friends
i don't understand how i'm in this far
and if you're even there with me
when i thought we were in this together
the entire time

somehow i still feel abandoned in a dark and unfamiliar place
even if you're standing right there next to me
with a grip that tells me you're never going to let go.

i let the music rip across my ears
'there is only one thing that matters this time'
sometimes the pain is umbearable
and funny how you described the location
because i could relate
i guess diffusion happens when aching is never given time to recover.

maybe that's why i hide
because it's only a matter of time
or that's what i tell myself.