Sullen v.5



Hello Stranger

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today was warm and windy, and somehow peaceful despite the fact that I had a final looming 2 hours away. Generally under 'final' times I am anxious, but perhaps because the weather was beautiful, and I had just walked out of a promising meeting with a professor, I did not particularly care to worry about my final. Instead I decided to sit on the ledge of the street, with a view of the Pacific Ocean, and wait patiently where I knew the chance was that the bus would show up in half an hour. An interesting 'boy' walked past me. I had privately admired his gullish attire: a bright orange shirt under a checkered jacket with matching bright orange laces in his shoes. It's not that it seemed inappropriate either. For some reason it worked. I wished I could be outrageous in my choice of attire if I didn't give a damn. Every day I am realizing that people love me for who I am, and it makes me want to push the limit as to who-I-am-completely. Then again, I think it makes sense for people to live with some social awareness that you can't just run around with orange shirts and checkered coats, but I still admired that he did. So far all I have that is new and daring for me are bangs that sweep across my face rather playfully, but I had thought about making jagged punkish layers of hair all around my head at one point... and voted it down due to practicality.
There I sat, outstretched, butt on the curve, and not a care in the world. Then I heard someone say to me "I like your idea" and I saw him sitting on the curb a little distance away, but next to me. Somehow there was an immediate affinity. Perhaps I was feeling extremely confident because I had just got out of a meeting with a professor who gave me raving remarks of admiration, but somehow the jokes were flying and you couldn't have known that we had only met within those past 5 minutes.
We got on the bus 20 minutes later and got off at the same destination. Well, "I guess this is goodbye forever," I replied that I would facebook him, and he said, "you could do that." Oddly enough, I ended up randomly seeing him again at a later time in the night when I was going to meet some friends. We just gave each other smuggish looks and didn't say a word.