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Creative Writing

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Maybe I'll start trying to write creatively. maybe.

This ambition usually only occurs during a time period when I am being particularly studious and reading avidly. Unfortunately I haven't been doing any major reading. Only light reading of blogs whom I admire the authors' talent for shaping their words so cleverly. Jeanne's posts (see side panel) often leave me in a state of awe. Jeanne is to blog writing as Duncan Sheik is to music. . there's an analogy that makes sense to me. If I only had half her skill, I would feel so set in my ambition of expression without misinterpretation. I get caught up in details because they are easy to accept and reference without worry of wondering what I was trying to get at .. at the time. anyway. I can also very much relate to her writing and it is nice to see it portrated so eloquently. I used to write creatively. Or I guess I used to feel appreciated for creative writing and poetry. I won many rewards for writing back-in-the-day.. I was always more advanced in the formation of concepts and how to portray them uniquely, and since I've allowed school books to suffice as any form of reading, my creativity (and vocabulary) has really been left on a backburner.

very tired. getting some rest.

"Throw me your penny thoughts-coins minted for abuse. Toss them into me, like a wishing well. And listen as they break the surface, slicing into the depthless dark, little zodiacs of our dying friendship sinking into me. Listen, and make a wish upon my broken heart." - Jeanne