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And so it goes.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I hope that I just made the most of those 80 cellular phone minutes. I was excited for my second interview with this company after feeling very strong about my first group interview. It was evident in my first interview that I was clearly one of the strongest candidates in a group of 15 graduates from my own university and surrounding universities such as UCLA. They told us we should be happy to have made it to the group interview itself because they have an extremely competetive hiring program in which only 2% of their 30,000 resumes will actually receive a job. I feel far less confident after having completed my second interview which was held over the phone. For some reason I just felt really caught off guard at several points in the interview and was privately frustrated with my performance in the variety of role playing scenarios they gave me. I clearly dominated the role playing in the group interview, but this time I felt like I could have been more concise and clear in my delivery. After having completed a lengthy and tiring phone interview, and struggling to resist telling them a number that I was looking for in terms of salary, I am waiting for yet *another* phone call that will apparently determine if I can go on to "the next round." Whaaaaaat?? This means there is yet *another* interview!! Oh man. This is frustrating. Two interviews down, and desperately needing some word on whether I will be staying in California where the arrangements are currently to be homeless, or packing my bags and going home, and all they can tell me is that they will let me know by tomorrow if I will be selected for *the next* interview. After the initial group interview they told us that those selected to continue would be called back the next day, and they called me back within 2 hrs. to inform me that I was selected for the next interview. Following my most recent interview I am concerned about getting a call-back this time. I definitely finally broke and told her a slightly more ambitious salary than what she eventually informed me of what it would be starting. She told me this time that I could expect to hear back by tomorrow if selected to continue on in 'the process'.