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Friday, March 03, 2006

Back from Hawaii! Alohaaa. It's been a while. It's always difficult to post about a trip.. post-trip. There's just too much and hard to pick and select. Anyway. This website basically describes what we did. Mainly we only did the tuesday and saturday tour. Unfortunately the saturday tour was what we did first because we arrived on friday. I say "unfortunately" because it was, what I affectionately call, the "12 mile hike from hell." We basically hiked into a volcano and as one guy on the tour put it, "I just realized we have no business being here." It was literally the same thing for miles and miles.. hot... and just really tiring. Looking back I'm still glad I did it because I can say I conquered such a feat. Of course we had to hike straight UP out of this mountain area, and it was literally pain-killing... I don't know how everybody did it (there was about 20 of us on this "exclusive tour offered by the banana bungalow"), but I was definitely the first one who made it out of there. I put on my mp3 player/music that I had been saving for the last part of the hike (which I knew was going to be TERRIBLE.. hiking straight up after already hiking 9 miles) and took off up that mountain... didn't turn back... and didn't stop... felt dizzy like I was going to fall off the side, but just kept pushing. My ambition is crazy. I didn't know that I had that sort of stamina in me still, but apparently I do.

That night we went to a diner, and call it food poisoning (or as my mom legitimately suggested later -- heat stroke) but later that night I definitely woke up at 4 in the morning sick as hell. I didn't sleep the entire night, and lucky-me we had a whale tour and luau scheduled the next day. They gave me pepto bismo, and I pretty much suffered through the entire next day. Aching bones, severe cramping, and everything-else. I almost think it happened for a reason because no one was planning on being the responsible DD after the luau (open bar), and I was automatically designated DD because I couldn't even finish 1 beer. And needless to say, I DID NOT get my $90 worth of luau.. oh well.... the whale watching was INCREDIBLE.. despite being sick on the boat.

We went to the beach the next day. "Big beach." Apparently some girl got bit by a shark in 4 ft. of water the same day we were there.. and my friends were in about 4 ft. of water too... scary thought. I wouldn't go in the water specifically because I am scared of sharks and other sea creatures. haha. I don't know when this newfound fear evolved, but it really has. I don't even like the thought of surfing anymore... something I didn't used to hesitate over. I also got like... frickin 4th degree burns..even though the weater wasn't that good and it was mostly cloudy.. still in pain. Add that to constant aching bones and whatever... sleeping was never a nice experience... couldn't move, stiffness, etc. Not to complain, but sleep deprivation was a big part of this trip.

Um.. lots of other random things. Lahaina was a cool little town. Went to some other interesting/beautiful beach places. Last day for me we went on "The road to Hana" which is pretty beautiful (reminds me a lot of Costa Rica) and also hiked to a bamboo forest which was so cool. .. but again... we HIKED... oh well.. this 4 mile hike was much better than the 12 mile hike (anything is better :P). It was funny because at one point we had to cross this raging river... and everyone was stepping in with their shoes and whatnot... *I* however didn't want to get wet... soooo.. the tour guide (guy my age.. so.. there really wasn't an authority issue) kept insisting that I not go my way.. however.. I *did* because I knew my way was better and that I didn't *have* to get wet to get to the other side. I made it across the first time without getting wet. HOWEVER.. coming back.. I was too confident... and I still made it across without getting wet, but I nearly fell in as I grabbed a flimsy little bamboo tree and held on for dear life. This one guy came to my rescue and pulled me over the rock which I had misjudged I could get over..and was slipping off.. hard to describe. ... my friends were on the other side laughing hysterically... such nice friends. :P no but really, overall it was a good trip.

I think I left just at the right time. The tour guide/hostel worker was crazy hitting on me.. in a polite way?, but I was kind of shocked at how forward I guess. He asked if we all had "Pepp guys" waiting for us back home, and my friends took it upon themselves to tell him that *I* was going home a day early "for a guy." When I told him it was complicated and that really I was just going home for a concert.. he said, "trust me, no guy probably wants to be 'just friends' with as hot as you are.." uuh.. so what do you say? just laughed. After that, in private, he would say things like.. "seriously.. the guy would have to be blind.." I dunno. I told my friends I thought he might be hitting on me (because they kept insisting we go find him to play this boardgame with him at night.. and because they would tell me passing comments he made that suggested he was watching my every move), and they actually said to me.. "man.. *someone* is a little arrogant" (implying me). What the freak. heh. whatever. I'm the last person to admit when someone might be interested in me, but sometimes you just *know*. They never found him to play, but later that night he bumped into me againnn..asked what I was doing tomorrow.. flying home.. "oh yeah, for that concert.. well if things don't work out with that guy, you give me a call.." .. haha. Funny/sweet in a way. I guess, as silly as that was, it's just nice to be reminded once in a while that once I get out of this unreal-world-called-Pepp*.. there are plenty of options out there. Sometimes I just get so downhearted at Pepp* with guys not being straightforward and/or shady.

Ad* was super considerate, picked me up from the airport. Next day...
went to the concert with Ad*. Several different bands, which I will not specifically mention for search-result-issues, but it was really a good time. Saw a band that I love, and several others that were really rockin'. Traffic getting there was terrible, but that's nothing surprising about LA in rush-hour time. I dunno. The night overall was really odd in a way. odd. yeah. but fun, for the most part. I thought I might reach some clarity on things regarding Ad*, but.. not really.. some things, yeah, but for the most part .. no. so. I'm just gonna ride out these last few months .. with a weird sense of closure.

"not all who love are blind
some of us are just too kind
we forgive too much and never speak our minds
i'm giving up on you
we can go our separate ways if you want to"
Teddy Thompson - Separate Ways

A few more months. I feel very directionless (word?) right now. I know I'm not the only one, but it's still looming and becoming more frightening. I suppose I should be excited. It's still scary to be saying goodbye.. .. and saying hello to what awaits me.