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Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's literally 2 am, and I think I've been thinking since 11 am about *starting* to read for the three upcoming midterms I have beginning monday, but to no avail have accomplished any productive reading. Hmmm. Senioritis at its best. Frankly I almost don't care. Or maybe I'm too confident. Two midterms on monday... the only class I care about the most (because it means the difference between sealing my major gpa with a 4.0 or not) is currently being taught by a much-too-nice-adjunct. She gives us true/false practice-quizzes at the end of class to make sure we understood the lecture, and I'm sorry to say that I don't listen the entire time (ah the glory or wireless internet in classrooms) and still manage to answer at least 98% of the questions correctly. My inattentive ways are probably going to bite me in the ass... God's way of teaching me not to be rude/arrogant.. or something. I can't help that the first 6 chapters-so-far are primarily material that I have learned in the other nth-amount of psychology courses I've previously taken.. everything feels like review at this point, and I guess that's a good thing.. because it reflects that I really deserve my degree.

Ugh.. I need to stop slackiiing. This is the most slacking semester of my life in college. . very similar to my last year of high school. I put myself through hell and then manage to enjoy an easy exit. I hope that's not going to be characteristic of how my overall life/career will turnout.

Speaking of career.. I've been putting some thought to it.. and the more I think about it... the more I feel destined for management. I was reading on my return flight home, and thought this was awesome because it affirmed exactly why I chose my degree: (nice.. so I just went to look for my reading and realized I left a lot of really important information/personal documents in a green folder on the airplane, in a pocket..... ..................................... mmm %$!@)

"According to Business Week, the really good jobs in your future will be those that cannot be easily reduced to simple tasks. Such jobs require flexibility, creativity, and the continuing development of your business and social skills."

it goes on to list jobs that require this... and managers are among the 5 listed.

Anyway. Hence why I chose psychology... because the article was discussing how a lot of technical jobs are being replaced, but that interpersonal skills are just something that technology can never truly replace because of the emotional/evolving nature of interacting among people. . . and it's a really broad degree that allows for work in any number of areas .. or graduate school. Anyway. I want to go into management now. . but I don't want to go to grad. school to get there.. so maybe that's a conflict of interest, but in my world, it's really very possible that I can start on the low end of management and work my way up. It's all about competence. The way I see it... it would be hard to deny someone a position they could easily handle and do well just because they don't have the preferred credential .. and yet, the preferred credential could definitely come in to play when striving for a more competetive position where there are many qualified people.. and truthfully, maybe I don't have the right to say I can really handle management without having the specific education ... even though I have a strong emphasis (minor) in industrial/organizational psyc. At any rate... the way I see it.. I'm destined to be a leader wherever I am... it's how I am naturally.. whether that means climbing a mountain :P or academics .. or anything else.. and in a career-perspective, usually a leader amounts to a person in a position of management.

I feel that I come off as extremely confident in my journal, and in truth, that's how it is internally. I don't think this journal reflects how I come off as in person (although many people will tell me that they see me as a leader).. but it's just to say... this journal is really a reflection of the raw me.. .. and as I told Ad* recently, I think people *should* be their biggest advocates.. although not arrogant about it IRL. I was kidding with Ad* about becoming a millionaire and told him, "all I know is that I'm probably going to be one.." ... which *was* pretty arrogant (although joking), and he seemed to be surprised by how confident I was in speaking it. Money is not my goal by any means... first I want to love what I do... but I think with loving what I do, money is going to come naturally. Always has. And generally I make smart career decisions.

Anywayyyyyyyy. Enough procrastination and "self-promotion" (as Ad* would put it.. which I really hate that he'd see it like that, but whatever... he can see it and hate it for all that I care.. because there are a lot of faults I could point out about anyone... I think self-promotion should be the least of someone's concerns until they become arrogant and think they can do-no-wrong.. trust me, I am constantly analyzing my thoughts/decisions because I *know* what potential for wrong is out there.. and sometimes I do make the wrong decisisons and learn from them). ok. nuff.