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Saturday, February 11, 2006

this post will probably be short with many spelling errors because I'm using my tablet. Now that the disclaimer is done...
bday was fabulous. Feels like it keeps on going as ppl randomly offer to pay for dinner or whatnot as a belated bday gift.

In OTHER news... New York fell through... therefore I am taking a fabulous 7-day trip to Maui, Hawaii with two of my favorite girl friends. The trip, so-far, is less expensive than the 5-day New York option. I've never been to Hawaii and I'm really excited. Still have plans to be back in time for the concert, but we'll see how it works out.

eh... guess that's all for now.

oh... I am applying for another internship in DC that is by invite only through another organization in which I am considered "alumni." Good benefits and might be worthwhile to give me time in establishing. a great long-term job. I decided to apply THE day apps are dire, and they're pretty much making an exception by accepting my app. materials that took forever. short statements... single statement... actual app... cover letter... resume... all a pain to do in one day. Anyway. I'm sure it's a competitive process because all of the PM. I met through this organization were going on to Ivy league schools and other top universities in the US. I mean, the actual thing I am applying for is "Internships for Leaders"... so needlessto say... I'm sure many have been successful in college and gone on to achieve amazing things. we'll see... I'm hopeful because... I hate to say it... but I'm not accustomed to not getting what I strive for.If I don't get it, I'll take it as a sign to search elsewhere. Funny enough, the internship is located in the same exact area where I had my last internship in DC. Not a bad area. ciao.