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Happy 22nd

Monday, February 06, 2006

Thaaat's right. It's my birthday -- the wonderful *22nd*.

Haha, and I do say that with genuine excitement. What can I say, I expect big things this year. First off, *2* is a very lucky number for me. I may be a little (lot?) superstitious, but good things have always come to me on days that involve 2, or somehow involving the number 2 in an obvious way. And anyway. This isn't something new. I've had an obsession with the number 2 for as long as I can remember. :P .... double-deuce is just doubling good fortune.

I've said it before, and I will always repeat it: I am SO blessed to have such amazingly wonderful friends. I love them all so dearly. I really.. really do. I was touched, in a funny way I suppose, because within the first 30 minutes of my birthday (midnight) I had *5* friends who thought to leave a nice birthday-wish on an internet-friend-networking message service that is very popular (facebook). Several other friends sent me cute E-cards and other forms of messages. I was just really touched because we're talking MIDNIGHT... at the turn of the hour on the 6th, people thought to wish me a happy birthday less than 5 min apart of each other. It's not even my birthDAY yet. haha. aw so sweet! I have such GREAT friends.

As for my b-day plans... I invited around 50-favorite-people out to my party (knowing that many will not be able to make it on the weekday - when I planned it). Going to one of my favorite restaurants - Macaroni Grill... and then we're alllll going BOWLING! Woo! I'm pretty excited. lol, it's gonna be a great time because it's kind of the "forgotten secret of fun" among college student. And now that we're all mostly 21.. it's beer AND bowling. haha. anyway. it should be great and I'm excited. :)

Ok. Time to sleep.