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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Finally got to play some long-overdue texas hold-em tonight. I've been itching to play for a while, but we haven't been able to get a good group together at one time. Tonight we had about 15 people for a tournament, and I made it to the final-six table... only to get dominated by my good friend in the end. I went all-in with him, and he managed to go from slim winnings to on top of the game. I think I got too confident because I was pretty much the number one opponent in the tournament up until that point. Everyone was getting pissed off because I kept pushing them out of the game, or.. as people tell me often.. I'm "an aggressive player," but a guy told me tonight that he "respects that." whatever that means. anyway. It was so much fun. Too bad I lost, and the ultimate winner ended up being the same friend whom I nearly pushed out of the game several times before, but then he rebounded at the last minute with my all-in.. and won a good chunk of money from the pot.
.. I like poker.. it's a good mix of BS, psychology, and mathematical strategy. haha. I don't know if that's a good reason to like it, but there you go.

On another note.. I need to start practicing piano. heh. I ended up taking a full-load of classes afterall (12 units) even though the only *real* scheduled ones are mon and wed. This should be interesting. I haven't *really* played (reading-wise) for a *long* time.
classes this semester:
- Management Theory and Practice
- Organizational Behavior
- Industrial Organizational Psychology
- Neurotrauma research
- Private piano

so.. i'm just delaying sleep.. because i'm not tired for some reason.. and it's incredibly late.. so.. i'm out.