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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

... .. ..

what did I say in the previous post about me having to deal with CRAZY things?


so today, I get out of my car to go meet my parents in a restaurant.. and the MINUTE I step out of my car a bum tries to corner me and ask for money.

I quickly dodge a bad situation by not getting stuck and mumble something like, "I'm sorry.. just going to meet my parents for dinner.."

He follows me INTO the restaurant!! ..cursing behind me as he follows. I quickly see my parents at a table and sit down with them.

He's standing right next to me at the table - I'm thinking.. "what the hell is he thinking???" .. he looks uneasy, now that he sees I'm sitting with my parents, and they're obviously wondering what the hell his problem is.. we're whispering right there in front of him.. like: "I don't know who he is.. I was just getting out of my car and he followed me.." ... mom: "he just followed you?" .. dad: "well you must have done something to make him angry.." me: "no I didn't do anything, I just walked right in here without saying anything to him really.." .. mom: "you must look vulnerable or something." Between that conversation, him standing next to me... (what the HELL??) ... he says, "ah shit!!!" ... and leaves the restaurant.

sigh. I think I've dealt with more bums in the past 2 days than I have my entire life. What's up with this?? Bad karmah for yesterday? But the guy yesterday threw a huge ROCK at my dog! And he was probably a felon anyway, and should go to prison.

so pissed. I thought this small little town was all safe .. heh.. my mind is definitely changing these days.