Sullen v.5




Tuesday, January 03, 2006

man. I always have to deal with the crazy things, I swear. Like my neighborhood is pretty safe. Several older people who don't go to work so they are home throughout the day (which I think makes for a safer place) ... but whenever I'm home alone... psycho things.

So I hear my two dogs going crazy-barking out in my backyard. My huge backyard is fenced off and then backed by the forest. Sometimes people walk up through my backyard area because it tops off into a preserved park area.

Well *today* someone wasn't walking up, but was kind of 'lounging' out near my fence area. My dogs were going crazy and I was just monitoring him from my backyard. Suddenly he walked up to one of my dogs who was up on the fence barking, picked up a significantly sized rock, and THROUGH it at my dogs face.

My dog yelped and went running off barking. It was about this time that I became IRRATE. Did it occur to me that he might have a gun? .. well yeah, but you get me pissed off and I have no problem confronting you about it .. I kind of am not thinking at the same time I guess.

I stoooormed out into my backyard, slamming doors, walked toward him.. because he was still by the gate... and screamed, "WHAT THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?????"
He started murmuring, "oh, uh... uh.. what?"
- "oh uh.. it was nothing.. just a little pebble..."
- "YOU NEED TO LEAVE!!" ... me walking off.. "YOU LEAVE BEFORE I CALL THE COPS!"
.. brought my dogs inside, who were still going crazy (such good dogs, seriously.. they were all ready to go back out there, howling at the door)
.. I saw him run up the hill.
... and I called the cops anyway.

They asked if I wanted to press charges if they found him, and I just kind of laughed and said, "nono... but he just better know to not come around this area again."

I called my mom, a little concerned that he might come back and kill me after what I did... and she was like, "are you kidding?.. he's probably terrified of *you*!"

I'm not going to lie, he seemed pretty shocked when I went out there and confronted him.

... sometimes I wonder. Seriously, I have a gentle disposition in general, but if you get on my bad side.. I'll just tell you like it is.

.. reminds me of the time I was trying to get on a subway (when I had first arrived in DC) and I tried to get on before the people get off. A lady who was also waiting to get on kind of looked at me with a glare/snarling look... and I yelled at her.. told her people make mistakes, geezus.

I just hope my temper doesn't put me in a bad place sometime. Generally I'm pretty good at reading a situation and won't blow up until you're doing something crazy.. like throwing rocks at my dogs ... roam all you want .. but the minute it becomes personal, watch out.