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Thursday, January 19, 2006

long story, but I got my tablet... finally. and it pretty much rocks my world. and it's pretty much "the coolest laptop" everyone has ever seen. I brought it to a get-together with friends (they asked me to bring it over), and there was always someone who wanted to play with it.. I was a nervous wreck.

I'm feeling really crappy (sick), but also feel like doing a quick update on life, summarizing I guess?.. this is epic. anyway.


Was elected Project Leader/"Director"? (I can't remember the fancy title she called the position) for my business management course today. The professor looked over our resumes and then "privately" called me up to the front for a quick meeting. She asked me to lead the initial grouping and then to lead the election for projet leader. When I returned to my seat, my roommate leaned over and said "congratulations." I brushed it off because I hadn't actually *been* elected yet, but it turns out that I was later selected by my team members to lead our team this semester.

We're running a major e-bay business and I'm in charge of a team that organizes logistics, web design, and the general e-bay business. whew. Of course I have a team behind me to assist, and then there are other groups (with other project leaders) such as accounting, marketing, PR.... I was hesitant to take the position because I already *do* have a good amount of experience in this area and wanted to branch out... but I figure as the project leader I'll be working more directly with the other divisions anyway. It's a little scary because I'm working along people my age who are in every position to judge me harshly if I f@!@ up.. and the professor's intent is to increase sales by 100% this semester.... ... but... I wanted this (secretly)... so it's ok.
It's interesting because I'm leading a group of eight competent individuals who are mostly male (only one other female in my team). There are a few individuals in my team who are greatly domineering.. in fact.. one guy tried to direct the meeting when we all grouped together, even though the professor had given *me* that responsibility. I had to tell him (nicely.. yes..) that his ideas were good, but that I had been asked by the professor to lead the meeting; therefore, we would first be going around to each individual, getting their experience, where they felt comfortable working, and then placement.. and THEN if we had time we could discuss HOW to do things. Fortunately he respected me and shut up. :) I think he could be a challenge to work with - *very* vocal.. *very* headstrong... but I'm still happy to have him on my team. The meeting was extremely productful. Everyone has been assigned to a division within our group, and I feel confident with them on my team. In other words, I won't be micromanaging. I let them know that I'm not the type of "leader" who wants to be directing everything, but rather have sub-leaders who I primarily report to inform me of their division concerns/needs/progress. My main objective is to keep communication open, division efficiency, and a clear understanding of our goals.

so anyway. that should be interesting. . I'm looking forward to it.

What else. I have a job interview today. I might cancel because I'm feeling like hell, and it's for a sales position (with a good company), and they seem to be pursuing me too strongly.. which makes me weary. If I don't have to reach that hard for something, do I really want it? I don't know. I'm always trying to take that "next step" up, and if I just breeze right in... makes me feel like I'm not reaching high enough.

well I'm out.