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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wow. I don't know whether to be psyched or think that I might be thinking silly. Heh, my gut tells me that I should be psyched.

Basically . . I updated a hoakie resume I had on recently.

Generally I have tried to keep my resume short, and only recently did I decide to update my resume and clean it up a bit on this website, in the OFF CHANCE that I might need to use it to apply to a listing.
Previously I only had two listings of experience, and recently added much more: experience/recommendations/skills that I had not posted before.

I have never been contacted by anyone on before and didn't think that employers would really look at an online resume (which was still done slightly sloppy) realistically . . . until today.

I checked an e-mail that I only check about every 2-3 days, and found about 3 e-mails sitting in my box since two days ago when I revised my resume.

Apparently they "believe you have the qualities we desire" and want to set up an interview with me.

Haha. I guess I was kind of amazed to see these e-mails in my box this morning. Granted, several of the positions are in regard to sales (something I am experienced in), and I know that these people are always looking for new representatives. At least they're from companies I am familiar with though. One e-mail informs me that the average income, allowing for part-time, is $180,000 in their California division.
Sales.... hmmmm... I've always known I could default to sales if I want to make quick money. It's not a bad option for me. I like working with people. I definitely can be persuasive and close deals. I am a goal-setter/achiever and enjoy the rush that comes with sales. . and with sales you can always get better (or worse). . but the point is you can always have a higher goal (which can sometimes drive me crazy if I set a goal slightly too high).

The only problem . . do I want to sell my soul to sales.


eh. I dunno. It might be a good opportunity to do while in school. . since I technically only have classes on monday and 2 hrs. on wednesday.

I will contact this "training and recruiting manager" and see what he means by "filling sales professionals in your area." Malibu? If in Malibu, heck.. it might not be a bad deal at all.. little LA traffic.. people with lots of money... we will see.