Sullen v.5




Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sometimes I wonder if there's any place in this world for NORMAL/ambitious women, besides the office. Haha. But nevermind, honestly, I'm just bitter. Bitter because, well, let's just say I hear *repeated* stories of good guys -- whom you would think have great things going for themselves -- ending up in terrible relationships. Leechy .. nasty .. flingy... relationships.
And then there's me, who apparently can't find a relationship, and yet I would probably consider myself pretty, eh, 'marketable'. In truth, again, I have to recognize that I *do* have opportunities for relationships, but they're just obvious not-right opportunities that I don't jump on out of some neediness. soo.. my standards are too high, maybe? yes? But seriously, I see some people and wonder why the hell their standards aren't high either, and if they were, then *maybe* there might be a *healthy* relationship to make out of it. And the minute I see their standards go down, they are right out of the picture in any relationship scenario I might consider with them.

But seriously, who am I to talk.

"standards".. meaning.. little fun-flings are not ok? As much as they anger me, hearing them from someone I really respect, it's not right for me to judge because I have had my own fun too. .. and "normal"?.... really, I am not normal. haha. In fact, I think I am the least normal person out there the more I feel "different" from everyone else. Apparently I need to be really needy until I can be normal.

ladeda.. so this is all sounding very bitchy/judgmental, but it's just how I feel sometimes.

What else. I don't know. Can a guy with some high standards, serious confidence, good manners, hilarious humor, average looks, and brain-power just please find me. lol. That's all, in the least eloquent way I can put it.

I think I'm going to put that in some online dating profile and try my luck (the video "Must Love Dogs" inspired me). Juuust kidding.