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The Beginning of the End

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Am I always this nervous before heading back to Cali/school? It feels familiar, and yet somehow different. Nervous...

several good friends graduated last semester. Funny how everyone starts calling/IMing, etc. just a few days before school starts. Plans to catch up with Rya*.. it'll be interesting to see how 'the real world' is treating him, and just to catch up in general. :) heh, but several other good friends will be gone. :( Just thinking about it makes me sad because it feels like it's going to be very different. Je*.. Se*... others... those are just the immediate few who come to mind since they are really great friends.. good times.

Of course there are still many great people who will be joining me for my last semester. I don't know . . it's all pretty scary because I have about 3-4 months to make the most of my time at Pepp*. There doesn't seem to be a right way to end it, but obviously it has to end sometime. I'm excited about 'the real world' too, but I am *really* going to miss people.

Nervous about what this upcoming semester holds. Making amends with a particular friend has been a big step, and I'm increasingly confident that we may begin to hangout more with the start of this semester. heh. but who knows. Curious about what other good 'friends' have done over their break... hoping I can stomach the stories. *shakes head* It's funny how, when separated, you realize you may care more for someone than you thought/were willing to admit. And then later realizing your 'catharsis' is just too dam bad because it's too dam late. I hope that isn't the case. And if it weren't, am I seriously going to do something about it?

Ahhh so. whatever. lol. losing my mind again, that's all.

Maybe I'm not nervous .. maybe it's more anxious. I feel like I'm gonna go *crazy* when I get back because I have been missing my friends sooo bad. It's been a lot of fun hanging out with my friend Der*, and him continuously kicking my ass in Mario Kart.. lol... yes my pride is still hurt... but it's time to go back to my other friends now. We're already planning a trip to Vegas, 1st weekend back (Martin Luther King day).. I think? ... and that should be great.. I'm excited!

ok.... ... *deep breath* out.