Sullen v.5




Monday, January 09, 2006

Made it back safely. haha. It's always a reality check.. coming from 'home' back to the southern California area. I don't know .. for instance, I stopped in Santa Monica to do a little shopping before making the final stretch home. Everyone dressed in their best on the promenade. Hotness all around me ... lol (guys). My 'type' doesn't seem to be very common back home-home (AZ). Had an odd moment on the promenade standing at a stop light where a guy and I blatantly stood next to each other and mutually checked each other out for at least 10 seconds. haha.. it was really odd.. because basically people.. strangers.. don't make real eye contact for more than 3 seconds. I even smiled and nodded at him, as if to say.. "...hi." odd.
..Had an even stranger experience when I was travelling and stopped to get gas. A guy my age was walking by me as I raced inside to pay.. friendly,, went out of his way to hold the gas station door open long before I got to the door.. later tell me I should check my oil (I rebuttled that I already had it covered because I had just finished *changing* my oil).. later ask my name, shake my hand, introduce himself, and ask where I was headed. Turns out he naturally knew where my college was because he's located very close. Since when is it customary for guys to hit on girls at gas stations. I could tell he was going to do something crazy like ask for my number .. which I would have to remind him that we were *at a gas station*.. so I told him I was "running off"... and ran off. The whole thing was kind of crazy.
so I said no more random guy posting stuff, but I guess I also consider this a documentary of the oddities in life. After several incidents, I've considered wearing a ring on my engagement finger when travelling. Speaking of engagement rings.. ha. was just reminded of the craziest thing that happened at a restaurant the other night when I was sitting down with family. I looked across the other side of the restaurant and saw two good looking guys .. I just glanced.. I don't know if one of them said something, but one looked behind him.. which upon the girl sitting next to him looked behind her... which upon she extended her left hand onto his back and flashed some major engagement bling.. and she kept her hand there the entire night they were eating. I just thought that was crazy. . like good grief.. she kind of acted anal.. we were just strangers in a restaurant and I wasn't making passes at her guy. It's also a weird thought because it makes me consider that I have to be more careful with my 'interest' because God knows anyone could be getting hitched around my age. Back to travel.... even though traffic was extremely heavy (when is it not?) I managed to keep an average 75-95 mph (I know.. I really should not speed, but I really do). ahlala.
Had to go BACK on the freeway later to pickup friends at the airport. You would think at 10 pm on Sunday traffic wouldn't exhist.. but no... back to back, hardly moving, the entire way to the airport/arrival area.

that's all. nothing really at all. classes all day long tomorrow. funny how I think about freshman yr.. knowing exactly where my classes were .. books ready ... outfit maybe ready? .... as of now, I don't know where my classes are tomorrow.. hardly know the time... noon-ish?.. books have not been bought.. anyway.... this is my last undergrad. semester... and I could care less. lol. that's not true. but I get my drift.