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2nd semester approaching

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Auto response from Lin: today I learned... if a bum hurls a large rock into my dog's face, I will probably kick his ass.

.. didn't know I had that in me.

GoodDCfriend: ok I have to hear this thing about the bum and the rock when I get back.

haha. so I almost can't wait to get back to school just so I can tell my friends this RIDICULOUS story. He'll be so proud because he's always telling me I need to be more aggressive.. he tries to wrestle and I basically am a pitiful case. I'm sure he thinks I really did *kick his ass*, which isn't quite true, but making him run away QUICKLY was pretty good I thought. ;) anyway. Heading back on Sunday . . wondering if that's setting myself up for horrific traffic problems. I'm going to try and leave EARLY in the morning.