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Tieing the Knot

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Congratulations to my litter sister (19) who became engaged this Christmas day.

Back in a Thanksgiving post I mentioned that I was priveleged to some information that I was not able to say at the moment. That information was her *now fiance* asking for my permission to marry my sister. Aw sweet. I was the first person to know, even before my parents, haha.. for some reason I take gratification in that. :P He is a deeply respectful person and fits into our family wonderfully. I will be very proud to have him as my brother in-law. Funny how we went to school together, were in the same class, knew who each other were, but would never *think* to associate until he started dating my sister . . and even then I was skeptical. 3+ yrs (?) after dating and they are FINALLY engaged. Wedding is planned for September 2nd, Labor Day weekend. :)

Funny because we had just got back to my house after church (apparently Christmas only falls on a Sunday every 7 yrs. so everyone wanted to go to church), and my sister and her fiance were MIA when they said they would meet us back at the house to open presents. As we all patiently waited for them to show up, I said to my parents, "She better have a ring on her finger when they get back or I'll be pissed" (assuming that they might have just left us hanging to go get lunch while we waited at home to open gifts). Anyway. Fortunately I was not pissed, only completely excited for my sister.

I really didn't ask for anything *that* spectacular for Christmas, so for the first time it was kind of a 'small' Christmas, as far as getting gifts goes. I don't know, I feel like I'm growing up and getting a little old to be expecting anything too grandiose. My Christmas gifts consisted more of some gift certificates and money than a lot of random stuff. But I AM going laptop-shopping on Thursday, haha... sooo... I dunno.. that's kinda big.. except the money is coming from an educational savings of mine.. so it's not really a gift.. just spending what has to be spent by the time of graduation. Laptops I'm considering: Macs (ibook or powerbook) (what *everyone* tells me I should get, but I'm weary..).. Gateway Convertible.. Gateway ... or something-else..... ... .. we'll see.

well. This is it for now.

Nothing too crazy to report, besides someone randomly calling my cell a lot.. once from a number I tried to call back, but it sounded really weird/kinda freaky on the other end.. so I hung up... and ever since then I am not picking up numbers I don't recognize, or that dam "private line" that keeps trying to call. Heh. I figure if it's important they'll leave a message-already, but it still kinda weirds me out.