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The Surreal Life

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My life feels that way sometimes, yes.

It's usually those mornings when you wake up wondering what the heck was real and what was a dream that life is most surreal.

I survived finals, and now it's nothing but hangin' w/ friends and deciding where to be. Last night was a super great time with my DCers. Haha. I dunno. I just really love each one of them. I was talking with a newfound-friend of mine who has been hangin' w/ the DCers and I.. we bonded initially over the fact that we both spent a year in Italy (separate yrs), and I was explaining to him last night how I thought this/my DC group was particularly special because *each person* really adds their own special presence and we all get along fantastically. It's better than my Italy group, even though I have my favorites from that group too. He agreed with me, which is probably why he hangs with us on occasion... haha.. cause we're nothing but crazy fun.

Last night the party basically didn't stop from 7 pm - 2:30 am. Apartment jumping, and eventually ended up at the beach and just went crazy running/diving in the sand. The night before that we had another party (although I didn't stay long cause I was freaking out about a wed. final), in which I was CLOBBERED when I walked in the door with toilet paper, cookies.. crazines.. haha... and uh, one friend picked me up on his shoulders and when he stood up my head went right into the very low ceiling.. my neck cracked and he's dam lucky I was ok and that it didn't hurt.. cause otherwise it would not have been hilarious.

so .. yep.. it was just a great time with everyone. Even Da* showed up, which was pretty shocking since he's not one to hang with us regularly. That was actually one of the most surreal aspects of last night because he just kinda seemed to randomly appear. Man.. I have always kept things on the DL and told people that him and I were just best friends in DC... only for him to say something last night ("remember when..") that had people yelling "I knew there weas something between you two!" ... kind of embarassing.. and I know that they might not let me live it down now cause they have been prodding for this info. for a while. Oh well. (Again, surreal.. "did he really say that?..") They can tease all they want, good news is that I discovered last night there is nothing-there-anymore, despite any flirtiness. I'll always like him as a friend though, for sure. It's amazing how one (major) thing can make me lose trust so quickly in someone that I once wouldn't doubt that much about. Usually that one thing comes if it's a blow to my character.. sad but that's how it goes. . I don't take things like that lightly (uuh.. see post below?). I can forgive, but unfortunately I just really cannot forget. . if I could I would.

Anyway. Signing outta work. Not sure what the plan is for tonight... but I did take some initiative in a potential plan, so that's the most I could ask of myself in that regard. haha. annnnd.. yeah.... tomorrow I'll be heading home after catching a quick lunch with Aar* who is currently losing his mind with law school finals. Tomorrow school will be over for some, for good, and others temporarily. yay. :)

For me this marks the beginning of the hunt for a career.