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so uh...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

strangest experience. I decided to blog-google my entire full name to see what came up, and it turns out that there is a real girl out there .. around my age? .. with my same exact name .. who has a blog ... and I really did not think my exact name could possibly be out there!!.. muchless this girl has a blog...

not to mention she sounds oddly... oddly... ODDLY.. very like me.

what if people think she's me!? haha. kidding. but it is a weird thought, the fact that *she's* out there.

Random thing to add onto all of this: for some reason tonight I had a desparate urge for a song from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack to play.... "Come What May", but it wouldn't play because the CD was scratched... and there it was on her blog... but in strikeout like it wasn't meant to be 'played'/seen... I don't know... it was just very odd because it was a random/old song in the first place for me to want to hear out of ALL my music... muchless be the first song I saw on her blog.

ahh weird. lol.. I'm living in the matrix, I know it.

OK I'm done posting for tonight!!