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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Recent Posts of Note from my blogs of note (see I-spy left column)

What Phil says on...
Getting Older
"It's like every emotion that I'm meant to have felt, I already have a memory of that emotion. There is some index for pretty much every situation that could come up.
Sure there'll be surprises in life, but the surprises won't be surprises. That there will be surprises won't be a surprise. The first time you had a surprise in your life, or a major surprise, was surprising. That feeling of surprise."

Finding Yourself
"So when you truly realize something about yourself, or when you fulfill that concept of "know thyself," you have to have beliefs about yourself that match reality. If otherwise you uphold ideal conceptions of what you are, and present those ideal conceptions of yourself to the world, then there's going to be a disconnect between the life you're living and what is your true destiny."

Wonderful posts and I had to give him kudos.