Sullen v.5



Oh the holidays.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Too much food - too many sweets - too many questions.

Let's focus on questions, in particular.

The top 2 that I hate:

1) What are you doing after college?

2) who is he?

- - -

It has been decided upon, with some friends tonight, that we do not believe in marriage. haha. And yet one of them, among their first questions to me was: "so are you married yet?" Joking, of course, but still .. it is that "time" for a lot of people around my age . . apparently. And even the *mention* that there could be a particular someone (if only dating) sends family over the edge - so I've learned my lesson tonight at a family/extended family get together, I will remain "TOP SECRET".. as my sister so kindly suggested to everyone that I am.
What am I doing after college . . I'm waiting for divine inspiration.

Anyway. Despite annoying questions, tonight was fun. Caught up with some friends . . a good friend invited me ice skating and that was pretty fun . . some friends being VERY random who I ended up hanging out with later. . although it always seems that I find myself randomly hanging out with these very random ppl (although definite acquaintances) .. to be honest, most of them are people I grew up with "in the church"/school... but the church crowd was never really the crowd I hung with .. they still definitely know me though.

good to see some people I haven't seen in *ages*. Some of them looked SO different that I didn't recognize them.