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It's all about the timing.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Final thoughts for the night, maybe :P

It's not at all meant to be arrogant.. but I just had this sudden realization (maybe it's a stupid one) ......


I *always* get what I want (relationship-speaking) at the wrong time.

what the heck is up with that???

that's a really interesting thing for me to note, because there certainly is a correlation.. and I wonder what the causation is. Me... perhaps.. them... but most likely me. . or just mere chance.

I was just thinking, people I used to really hope would like me "someday", but never thought it realistic that they would, are now kinda obsessed, but unfortunately their flattery came after I had already lost my crushy-feeling. There's no way of saying it without sounding arrogant. heh. I was just thinking about that specifically when I realized the pattern. Because I was thinking, "Funny, you really should be careful what you wish for." Obsessed is a really strong word, maybe infatuated is better... heh... and now the problem is that there's nothing I can do/say to change things.. I've tried.. I'm not going to be mean because I *do* really like them as my friends. Why can't they just be my friend and stop pushing the issue. :/ Others.. ifb*.. current great turn of events at a very bad time. Davi*.. met shortly before I had to leave -- weird stuff like that. A current-crush made a move a whiiile ago of which I denied, meaning I can almost guarantee he will not try to take the initiative again (I had a little-nightmare about this, lol, I know.. weird, basically *I* tried to take the initiative and got DE-NIED in a weird way.. haha.. kinda funny looking back on the dream.. why the heck am I writing this..) .... wrong time back-then, right-time being now. dam! haha. oh life.