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I see your true colors, and that's why I love you

Friday, December 09, 2005

Considering titles of posts to be from lyrics, from now on.. we'll see how it goes.. and that doesn't mean that they will always be symbolic of what I write, because usually I don't write about any single topic in one post anyway. They will basically be from songs that randomly pomp into my head.

New text color. I probably will change it later, but the black has just been killing me... I can't ever read my own writing. White looks more "wintery" I guess, for now. :)

Stress w/ finals. Not new, but nice because this is pretty much my last difficult semester in school, and I already have a few guaranteed As.. both in classes that I considered my most difficult upon starting this semester.

I received a very nice "letter" from my "therapy"-class :P. We all had to write the "most nice and honest thing" we could think about each other on a sheet. We didn't know what our thoughts were going to be used for, but upon our last meeting together.. the professor handed us a typed letter with all of the anonymous-thoughts. Unfortunately I didn't get to read mine until today because I accidentally left it in a friend's car. I'm considering typing the entire letter as a post because I would be very sad if the letter were ever misplaced or destroyed some day. This journal is a very convenient way to keep special mementos and thoughts.

so. Good news is my mom said everything went fine. Went to a fun senior-x-mas party last night.. caught up with good friends.. went to organize a poker party, but it ended up being a bust.. plus some of my DC friends pissed me off as I overheard them saying something (basicallly I was left in a room when they ran off to another room without telling me)... they exited from where they were, and one of them fluuung me over their shoulder once they saw me walking in their direction---carrying me back to where I was leaving from. A short-while later I went back to my apartment and read until 4 in the morning. midnight to 4. heh. It wasn't easy or fun. The plan is to basically study my ass off this weekend while also going to a couple of Christmas parties. Even though my grades may be pretty high right now, that could easily be compromised with the realization that my next two finals are worth 30% of my overall grade.