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Highway Hell

Saturday, December 17, 2005

So I'm pretty much an expert at getting on the freeway at exactly the WORST POSSIBLE TIME EVER (and maybe that's *always* in LA). I literally was going 5 mph from one side to the other.... from the beach to the very last highway stretch until the main drive to Phx. OMG WHAT HELL IT WAS. seriously. My leg was numb, I was passing out from exhaustion/little sleep over the past week... and when I wasn't feeling like I was passing out, I was experiencing a serious problem -- road rage.

It was absolute madness. I'd almost go as far to say that it was worse than Thanksgiving.... which was a pretty hellish drive too.

I feel sorry for my mom because she gets to experience the phone calls I make in exasperation... telling her I'm pulling over and staying in a hotel because I can't take it any longer... telling her my legs are numb... that I'm outraged and not moving. heh. I guess I need to vent during the time because otherwise I don't know how I'd make it.. and fortunately she helps me know that I can do it.. or actually, she agrees that I should pull off and get a hotel.. and then I tell her there's no way I'm doing that because I HAVE to know when the end is... what if I were to pull over right when traffic freed up from the jam? ... that would suck.

anyway. the drive was hell, and sooo many cops on the road after the conjustion. I think I came pretty close to getting pulled over 4 times.. once I almost pulled over when the lights came on just because I was SURE it was me.. fortunately I didn't, lol, and it turned out to be someone else.. another time I thought for sure it was me because I was passing in the right hand (95 mph) ... luckily two cars were blocking me (in the l.h.) when we went past the cop and he pulled over the guy in front. I almost felt sorry for him since he was part of the pack I was rollin' with. lol... even if I didn't know them. Later.. people behind me were pushing me to go faster (right lane), but I was in the SLOW lane so I decided they had to be happy with 85 or else they had all the freedom to pass in the left lane.. and I sure as heck wasn't about to lead the pack into the dark that lay ahead... but someone else decided to take the initiative.... and when I saw them break ahead of me, it was an obvious heads up... and avoided the cop again.

man. it takes some serious patience and strategy when driving. It was terrible. end of story.