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Good Morning

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

How happy does it make me that my favorite musician/singer is *right on* when it comes to my beliefs and values ..

Duncan Sheik on "good" and "bad" Christians.

This is an appropriate post to follow the previous (see Corruptness).

It's no wonder that I fell in love with his music long before I directly understood his ideology. Of course after 10, 20, 25 listenings of certain songs .. you begin to very distinctly understand his ideology .. even if it is a little abstract. < "Good Morning" -- great song.. talks exactly about what my concerns are with this administration.

I first fell in love with his voice and style of music (largely instrumental) and "meaningful" songs (basically has a way of capturing the concept of 'love'very differently from other musicians), and then later realized there was a lot of relevant political undertones in his music.

anyway. Haha.. I just feel like giving kudooos these days. This is all.