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damn degradation

Monday, December 12, 2005

Pissed as hell. Drama at work! Some little rookie girl thinks she can just walk in here and start spreading rumors about me! Too bad the people she's deciding to spread rumors to are MY FRIENDS. Hel-lo.. obviously they are my friends bitch and they're going to tell me all of the lies you are spreading.

Anyway. man I just need to vent.

It's so ironic, the things she is saying, because they happen to be exactly THE OPPOSITE. a) She is making accusations about ME that I KNOW are true about HER because I, and another friend who I have as a witness, have watched her. b) I was just talking to another friend/coworker about how we would never do anything remotely suspicious in front of her because we were sure she would snitch on us.

Well now I KNOW that if I WERE to do anything SLIGHTLY wrong she would snitch on me. Problem is I haven't -- and SHE is the one who did.

What a stupid bitch!

I'm sorry, but when someone tries to degrade my character/disrespect me in any way when there is NO justification.... they're walking in dangerous territory..

so now it's just a matter of what I'm going to do.
a) ostracism b) revenge c) reveal her lying ways ... or d) suck it up and regard her as a jerk who I will not be friends with.

Generally I take the ostracism approach. heh. It's definitely not a very nice way to go though.. according to social psy. it's a sure route to making someone feel bad (I didn't know that, but I guess I did subconsciously because, like I said, it's the primary route I take when offended).

I can be so friendly to even the most odd people I don't understand, but when your aggression becomes hostile against me.... and unwarranted... I really just feel like asking, "What the hell are you thinking?"