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Computer Problems... sigh.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

guess it's good that my computer has gone back to being crazy on me, because otherwise a very crazy/angry rant would have been posted about it.... but since my computer hates me.... there will be no angry rant because the window closed on me. *save as draft*
so yeah. basically the person who was supposed to fix my computer didn't do a dam thing.. and he kind of admitted this by stating it just "turned right on" when he tried. My computer would do that, wouldn't it. heh. So basically I paid $70 because the computer guy supposed he "had the magic touch."

And 300+ miles later.. my computer is acting crazy again. *save as draft*

sigh. anyway. I looked at the registry, figured out a way to get it load sometimes without continuing on the loop.. but it's still acting crazy. I think I paid that guy $70 to AT LEAST look at the dam registry. I think I know a hell of a lot more about this shit than he does..... because there shouldn't be entries like "volatile environment" in my registry.. not from my many-years-ago-experience was this normal. Not to mention the crapload of programs and connections that are loading automatically when I start my laptop *save as draft*

siiiiiiiiiiigh.... daaaaaaamit... maybe I'll ask for a laptop for Christmas.. I don't know what to ask for anyway..... but I'm so picky about my computers that I hate receiving them as a gift.. I'm likely to be disappointed by something, and I hate getting a gift and feeling disappointed.. because obviously that's just not being very "grateful"... but it's hard to be grateful when someone spends a ton of money on something where you could have got a bigger bang for your buck.

and honestly, I love my laptop ("desknote"), even if others think it's the most hilarious thing they've ever seen. It's from Elite Computer Systems (ECS), and although no one knows the brand like something as "Dell".. I think the names speaks for itself... ELITE... it's great, and it's been working like a trooped for 4 years and is still as advanced as the laptops they're coming out with these days (if not moreson).

anyway..... blah :(
*publish post*