Sullen v.5



Best Most Honest Thoughts

Friday, December 09, 2005

You are so modest about the wonderful person you are. You are so kind and thoughtful, so wise and strong. I value that careful consideratiion you take to really think about each person and what advice you give. It shows your maturity and how genuine and sincere you are. You are inspirational, goal-oriented a big dreamer (and that's good) and very intelligent. A sweet girl. You are very open and honest with yourself and others. I see you as open to life. Smart, practical, driven. You believe in yourself. You have a big heart. You are beautiful both inside and out. Driven, good head on your shoulders. Intelligent. Caring. Unique, have dreams, faith, wise, very kind, non-judgmental, intelligent trusting. You are very loving and have an enormous capacity to love. So intelligent. I'm so impressed with you ability to change and grow and improve your approach and outlook on life. I see you as stable and secure. Your dedication, drive, confidence, and self-assuredness make you absolutely AMAZING. You are going to take on the world - I believe it. You are constantly improving yourself and dedicated to helping others. Caring. A good friend. Driven, confident, sure of yourself, have a plan, reserved and calm. You are so intelligent and wise. You are simple and matter of fact. I love that you so logical and practical. You are honest. You are eager and will thrive in whatever you chose to do and I know you will chose well and wisely. You are full of promise. You are smart and fun and funny. You work hard and are loyal to your friends. You are a hard worker and have a driven personality. You are intelligent and I have always respected and valued your opinion, views and advice. You are someone who does not think badly of other people. You have a kind, sweet, and patient heart. You are the epitome of a good friend. You are solid and confident and can succeed in anything you put your heart and mind to. I see you as quiet and calm and patient. You are sweet and caring. You are discerning. I respect and admire how genuinely you care for others.

typos and all. How blessed I am to be surrounded by people that see so many wonderful things in me.