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Sunday, December 04, 2005

ahh just lost the longest post ever.


Pre-jammin' out to Jimmy Eat World. Concert is To-Night! Oddly disappointed because I went through so much trouble a couple of months ago (March?) to see them in DC, and now they're coming to Pepp*. Oh well. Their concert was rockin', and now I'll get to see it with many of my rockin' friends, and I'll likely be rockin' the mosh. haha.. maybe not the mosh, since most of my friends seem to want to be at a distance, but if it's up to Tin*... we'll be in the mosh. :P

A friend of mine invited me apparently, and then went on to get angry at me because apparently I never responded (never got his IM-invite--who does that anyway?). It was nice to be able and look at him and remind him that he stood me up in DC. Well.. he didn't exactly stand me up, but that's the short story. Maybe I'll go with him tomorrow, 'cause he's a big fan.. and it's always great to go with fans. I swore at the last concert I would never go again with someone who really didn't want to be there.

Not much other news. Just relaxing these days. It's nice, to relax. This definitely is not something I'm used to. Jobs are going well. School is going fantastic. Finals are coming up, but I'm really not worried. All papers/projects are done. I think I haven't done any sort of homework for 2 weeks now.... .. unheard of.
..Went to a completely-Asian club with Tin* and other friends a couple nights ago.. it was kind of funny because I was definitely the minority. It's always kind of funny to me because Asians tend to have a shy/intelligent stereotype, but get them in a club and they are crazy-clubbers. haha. Unfortunately I didn't have the best time.. just wasn't all that into it. I'm finding that if I'm not immediately into someone, I kinda just let them know upfront now.. make an excuse to not dance and moveon. *shrug* I just hate when I'm dancing with someone who I'm not at all interested in.. granted that's what kind of happens at clubs.. lol.. but I guess my expectations are higher now 'cause I've met a couple of great people at clubs (namely Davi*).


Tonight was fun.. already there are Christmas parties. I got severely sick-feeling after one too many sweets at tonight's party. I worked it off later with the after-party/dance-party that I initiated with signature moves such as taking-out-the-trash and praise-God/spirit-fingers. I don't know what it is, but for some reason I always find myself leading aerobics (basically, at an eldery center I was volunteering at recently, the director threw me in front a bunch of.. elders?.. and I had to lead them in aerobics.... .. .. . ..) the and/or dance-parties. Maybe it's a gift. Maybe it's my calling. All this time.... ... God has been telling me I need to become a dance and/or aerobics instructor ;D hahaha... if that's the case, God help me.